Sam Husseini is an artist and writer currently living in Riverdale, Maryland, outside of Washington, D.C. 

His writings and commentary on art and architecture include: "Art Worthy of Howe's Mothers Day: Maxo Vanka's Murals," (2012) "The Street Credo of Keith Haring" (CounterPunch, 2012); "The Republican Co-option of Frank Lloyd Wright" (2012); "Holocaust Memorial Day and Yellow Snowflakes" (CounterPunch 2016); "Architects, Artists Weigh In On The Metro Paint Brouhaha" (DCist, 2017, by Rachel Sadon); “Metro Rider Tweets in Defense of the Nature in Our Midst” (Washington Post Express, 2018, by Kery Murakami).

Some of his other writings -- mostly political for such outlets as The Nation, Counterpunch, Consortium News, the Washington Post and others -- are here.

His interest in art goes back to his childhood. In his early 20’s, after getting a degree from Carnegie Mellon in Math and Philosophy, he took sculpture classes at the School of Visual Arts and Hunter College in the late 1980’s. His interest in art continued in the following years, but, absorbed in media and politics, his output was minimal until it started to pick up in 2013 after moving to Riverdale. His CV is here.

His prior art projects include

Some photography on flickr. Some work on Instagram. Email: samhusseini at